Sunday, December 4, 2011

More catching up

  Over Memorial Day, Jordan went on the annual boys backpacking trip with my dad, brothers and my mom's side of the family.  They went to Escalante this year.

 Spent the 24th of July in Bear Lake.

  We went to Zupa's with my family for my mom's birthday.  I stole pretty much all these pictures of the summer from my mom since I'm so bad at taking pictures, that's why there's never any with the Wilson side...sorry about that!

   Mitty turned 12 at the end of August.

  Kit looking through my parent's pantry for "nacks".

  Looks like she found some.

 Kit with Aunt Amy.

  Kit loves to have "Bunny Milk" whenever she goes to Grandma Kathy's house.  You have to leave the can out for her to look at though.

 Kit is also really good at making messes.  This was when Grandma tended so me and Jordan could sleep over at the new Chick-fil-a in Layton.  We got free meals for a year, ha ha. 

  Picking out pumpkins.

 We took Kit to a little kid's corn maze at the fish farm the weekend before Halloween.  She really liked it!

 Kit at the ward's trunk or treat.  Already got some candy unwrapped.

  She's excited to go to the grandparents to get more candy!!

Me and Jordy this year.  Bun in the oven and Jordan the chef "did that".


Whitney, Wade, & Emery said...

Happy to see I am not the only one doing some catching up. Cute pictures!